A Note About My Responsiveness Habit and Practice


It is normal for me to take as many as five, six or seven days to check my e-mail account (sometimes, even several weeks).

Note also that it is natural and civilized for me to take another two, three or four days (or even longer) to ponder... reflect... and formulate a clear, complete and occasionally concise response (depending, naturally, on the topic and sense of urgency).  

Tcday's culture of immediacy that we are tolerating - and the inherent fragmentation of time - are incompatible with the kind of life I wish to lead.  Or, dream of leading!

Reflect on this a moment as well:

A message sent is not necessarily a message delivered.  

Do you believe your message has gone astray, been blocked, or is urgent and/or time sensitive?  Perhaps another way to get in touch will work better for you than e-mail.