Inspired by Nature

Choose from one of three flexible online ordering and payment options; Pay Now, Pay by Phone, or Pay Later* on Account!

1 - Order Now/Pay Now (Seamlessly via our online Flower Ordering Form and Shopping Cart.  All that remains is for us to personally call or e-mail you to confirm your order.)

2 - Order Now/Pay by Phone  (Your payment will be processed between now and the flower delivery date during a live telephone conversation).  Order confirmation will be provided at time of payment and/or by follow up e-mail.

3 - Order Now/Pay on Account  (A credit card on file or by invoice based on a pre-approved* corporate account.)  


For everyone's peace of mind, we will personally call or pop off a brief e-mail as soon as we've reviewed your order

(typically within 30 minutes, sometimes longer if in the midst of a busy holiday like Passover, Easter, or Mother's Day).